Where My Girls At?: The Disheartening Lack of Female Coaches

For decades, there has been a small presence of female coaches among sports of all skill levels. This has been something discussed in every class I’ve attended as a Human Kinetics student. This is one of the most prevalent evidence of sexism and an anonymous NBA coach speaks out to prove my point. In a recent article, the coach said that “You can’t have a hot woman in the NBA … Guys will be trying to f–k her every day.” The article then goes on to talk about how there are only four female assistant coaches in the NBA. It seems to me that attitudes like these are the first problem. Athletes will not think or act this way if you teach them that this is not acceptable. Is it really due to the women’s appearance? Why are we accepting such behaviours and allowing them to penalize women when it comes to jobs in sports? Or is this just an excuse to not hire women in sports?

Author Shawn Ladda talks about the lack of female coaches in sport and the constant decline in the ones we do have. She looks at the unfair statistics when comparing men and women coaching in professional leagues and also talks about the reasons that we do not have as many female coaches, including ludicrous excuses from organizations such as budget cuts, and “abusive language”. However, it is seldom that we hear of men coaches being let go due to these reasons.

This topic is talked about more and more every day. Women seem to be taking a stand against sexism and are ready to take the power they deserve. Hopefully, in the near future things take a turn for the better, and women will no longer be penalized, in or out of sport, for being women.

Featured image: Kings Hire Jenny Boucek, NBA’s Third Full-Time Female Coach Ever


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