Sergio Garcia: Position in Sport

Sergio Garcia is a very well-known golfer who has won 31 international tournaments including a recent win at the 2017 Masters tournament. In an interview, Garcia places importance on simply doing your best, having fun, being consistent, and recognizing the nature of sport. Sometimes an athlete may perform better than others and it is something that must be recognized by the athlete in order to maintain a level head.

Golf is an awkward sport, because who are you competing against, anyway? Is it the players on the course or is it yourself? Garcia places a large importance on having fun with what you are doing, and claims that if you have fun with the sport then it becomes easier to excel in. The key is to reduce internal and external competition, enjoy it, and hopefully improve the consistency of your game. Garcia moves away from the potentially negative influences of sport in society and focuses on the individual benefits of the game. Garcia does make some great points that will resonate with fellow golfers in order to maintain a consistent game and the overall enjoy the sport. From a sociological standpoint, golf is a sport well known for being limited to those of a higher socioeconomic bracket, especially at an elite level.  This poses additional sociological issues with sport and golf related to assumptions of conflict theory and how golf may split society based on socioeconomic status.

Garcia is not only invested in the sport of golf, but he also plays the role of chairman of a Spanish football team. The diversification within sport can be beneficial as the identity of the individual is not solely invested in one place. Research suggests that sport specialization in youth can result in limits of sociological development and increased rates of burnout. Perhaps involvement in a variety of sports throughout an individual’s athletic career may also hold some benefit.

FEATURED IMAGE: Sergio Garcia after a taking a swing at the recent Hong Kong Open. November, 2018


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