Shim Suk-hee Encourages Athletes to Come Forward About Sexual Abuse

In today’s society, the rate of sexual violence and assault has increased in conjunction to the amount of individuals coming forward about previous experiences. People speaking about their past experiences of sexual abuse starts the conversation on how often it occurs and how it needs to be stopped.

Shim Suk-hee is a two-time Olympic champion as a speed skater who has been repeatedly raped by her coach. Once she came forward about her coach, he was put in prison for 10 months and many more athletes felt encouraged to come out about their past experiences, especially with coaches.

With all the athletes who have already come forward, and the ones who may decide to come forward in the future, this is a very problematic issue in society. This is a global problem to all individuals no matter the gender or race, extending beyond sport and competition. By having successful famous athletes coming forward, it can start the movement at a quicker pace and encourage individuals to come out and fight for the movement to stop sexual abuse.  

FEATURED IMAGE: Shim Suk-hee winning silver at the 2014 Sochi Olympics.


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