Female Empowerment Ads Expected in Super Bowl Commercials

In today’s society, media plays a huge role in everyday lives. Media within the sport world has grown immensely simply by people across the world being able to watch, tweet, comment and more about games and athletes.

Media is typically used to distribute a message to a larger audience and, in this year’s Super Bowl, broadcast is targeting a more female audience in its commercials. Super Bowl commercials are one of the top viewing commercials of the year and they are giving women more messages of empowerment in 2019. Seeing as the super bowl is known for its entertaining commercials along with the decorated game, these commercials have historically tended to focus on masculinity and drinking. In contrast, these new commercials will attempt to change the conversation and highlight women’s abilities and power.

Historically, sport has been seen as male-dominated; however, women have advanced within sport and are now receiving more coverage and attention. Though it still does not receive the same amount of attention as male sports, women’s sport coverage and following is increasing. With the focus of female empowerment about to be promoted in Super Bowl commercials, it is evident that the media is increasing its support of women. There is expected to be backlash against these commercials, however, it is important and promising that the conversation surrounding women’s empowerment is rising.

Featured Image: Serena Williams starring in Bumble Super Bowl ad “The Ball Is In Her Court.”


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