Girls Supporting Girls

” It’s heartbreaking to see young girls drop out of a sport because they don’t feel confident or strong enough,” – Tessa Virtue


Tessa Virtue is one of the most recognized names in female sport. She is Canada’s sweetheart for good reason. Virtue is one half of the most decorated figure skating ice dance team in Canadian Olympic history. But, how can a five time Olympic medalist not be content with her career? Her skating partner of two decades, Scott Moir, has achieved and failed at the same things that she has. However, due to the fact she is a woman, Virtue feels she has had unequal representation and increased judgment within the media.

For that reason, Virtue has teamed up with sportswear brand Adidas in the She Breaks Barriers campaign. This campaign focuses on creating positive body images in young female athletes. The 29 year-old admits she has struggled with body shaming. Virtue argues “there is a very unrealistic stereotype and ideal for the proper aesthetic for a female athlete and especially female figure skaters.” She is determined to mentor young female athletes to keep them in sport.

As Virtue glides toward the end of her phenomenal career, she can’t help but wish for young girls to reach their full potential. She recognizes her successes and failures with the media and wants to promote female empowerment in sport for generations to come. Virtue insists that this starts with “self-confidence and providing more opportunities for young female athlete to pursue sport that they love.”

Featured Image: Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir at the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang.


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