Russian Doping: The Government Behind It

Doping is always a major concern in any elite sport and is an especially important topic in regard to the Olympics. With the ongoing Russian doping scandal, it is no surprise that new discoveries of athletes using performance-enhancing drugs (PEDs) are still being made. Just recently, 12 more Russian athletes were found guilty of doping. One of these 12 athletes is the 2012 Olympic gold medalist Ivan Ukhov, which bumped Canada’s Olympic medal from bronze to silver.

These recent discoveries help prove that the evidence provided by a Russian whistleblower is true, and that the Russian government was going to great lengths to cover up these actions. It is mentioned that the doping was state-backed, meaning that the government pushed their athletes to engage in these activities in order to be the best. All of these actions lead to the overconformity of athletes, where they feel pressured by coaches and others in power to use PEDs to win medals for their country.

Due to sport having so many political ties, many see winning as a proof of strength for the country. The Russian doping scandal is largely thought of as a political move to prove their superiority to countries like the USA by dominating the world of sport. This scandal is an interesting look at how far a country is willing to go to be the best.

Featured image: Russian high jumper Ivan Ukhov during the Russian Athletics Cup, on July 21, 2016. (Alexander Zemlianichenko / AP)


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