Schofield Opens Eyes at NHL All-Star Game

US Olympic gold medalist Coyne Schofield was the first female to participate in the NHL All-Star game on Friday night. Along with other women national players, Coyne was asked to attend the competition due to Colorado Avalanches all-star Nathan Mackinnon not being capable of participating. Placing seventh out of eight skaters in the fastest skater competition with a time of 14.346 seconds, Schofield was slightly quicker than Arizona Coyotes Clayton Keller.

Watching these superstar, women hockey players competing against some of the NHL’s best was a huge milestone for the game. Over the past years, hockey has been seen and to some is still seen as a very masculine, physical, male dominated sport. The level of physicality in the game or in players does not reflect the skill or talent level of that person. That being said, it was great for the fans and everyone watching to see just how talented and skilled some of these women hockey players really are.

The NHL All-Star game is not meant to be a rough, physical, competition, but a fantastic way for players to showcase their exemplary talent and skill. With Schofield joined by her other women’s hockey all-stars, they were able to fit in amongst the skill and talent level of the NHL male superstars. By performing alongside the best of the best, these athletes showed the world and the game of hockey just how incredible they can be.

Featured Image: Photo from The Associated Press: January 26th, 2019



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