First Super Bowl to Include Male Cheerleaders

In 2018, Quinton Peron and Napoleon Jinnie, two professional dancers, became the first male cheerleaders for the NFL’s Los Angeles Rams. Now, they’ve taken on the Super Bowl’s world stage.

In 2018 the LA Rams made headlines for hiring the first ever male cheerleaders in the NFL. There have been male stuntmen for the teams during the NFL, but never any true dancers. Although the Rams did not win the Super Bowl this year, they still made history.

A Touchdown for equality

This is opening up a new chapter for men within a culture rooted in hegemonic masculinity. Young boys finally have a role model to look up to and have the confidence and reassurance that they can pursue whatever sport they want.

“I think we can both say we’ve been reached out to by so many men that are so excited to try out, not just men our age but young men trying out for the junior high school cheer team, and it’s exciting to see this change,” Peron said.

Pushing the boundaries for the meaning of masculinity

It goes beyond sport and competition because we are finally seeing the change in society that we’ve been waiting for!


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