Chris Jones: Chasing the Money

Chris Jones has been a football coach since 1995, he has coached at all levels of football, but could never quite crack the NFL. He has been coaching in the CFL since 2002, slowly but surely building his way up the totem poll. His biggest success was in his second season as the Edmonton Eskimos head coach; he lead them to the 2015 Grey Cup championship. Not even a full week after winning the Grey Cup he left the Eskimos to become the head coach and General Manager of the Saskatchewan Roughriders. This move essentially adds between $100,000 to $225,000 to what his salary would have been if he had stayed with the Riders.

More recently, Chris Jones made waves again by ‘chasing the money’ but this time to the NFL. After being in Saskatchewan for the past four seasons and having moderate success, he has accepted a job being a defensive assistant for the Cleveland Browns. Just a few weeks after signing an extension with the Riders,  Chris decided to leave them in the dust for an assistant job in the NFL. From head coach and general manager to simply an assistant, that would seem like a step down in pay. But in fact it is not, Jones is making more money in the NFL than he would have with the Riders. This decision could be due to the fact that the CFL recently had to implement a salary cut to the football operations department of all teams which would entail a 10% pay cut to Jones’ salary.

The NFL will always be a big brother to the CFL in many ways and profitability is the main reason why. With this advantage, the NFL will always be able to sign big name players and coaches from the CFL for a lot more money, even if it is for lesser roles on the team or in the organization.

Featured image: Chris Jones during his time with the Riders (THE CANADIAN PRESS)


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