McGregor: UFC In and Out of the Octagon

Conor McGregor, the Irish UFC favourite of the 2017-2018 season was and still continues to be an extreme contender in mixed martial arts. Famous for his erratic behaviour and his intense stage persona, McGregor quickly grew to become a fan favourite. Previously holding two UFC titles in two weight divisions, McGregor wanted to expand his titles and fan base by launching a professional boxing career. The infamous fight against Floyd Mayweather which marked his boxing debut was seen as a disappointment to many and a courageous effort to others, as Mayweather took home the win. Post-match, McGregor’s career began to take a walk on the wild side, as he was found to be constantly lashing out with irrational behaviour; one of the many incidents involved throwing an equipment dolly at a moving bus in which his rival Nurmagomedov was riding, causing bodily harm to members on the bus. Following this scene, McGregor was charged by police and the scandal dragged McGregor’s name through the dirt.

McGregor being escorted by police after his arrest following the bus-attack incident.

After a quiet few months, McGregor is now back in the spotlight after a post-fight brawl occurred after a fight with enemy rival Nurmagomedov on October 6th, 2018. The scuffle broke out after Nurmagomedov charged McGregor’s training partner and McGregor himself joined the altercation, punching several members of his opponents team.

Both fighters have been served with suspensions as of January 29th of this year, which include a 6-month ban and $50,000 fine for McGregor and a 9-month and $500,000 fine for Nurmagomedov. Tweets revealed in the article show that McGregor was accepting of the consequences and agreed that the fight was unnecessary, but when is enough enough? McGregor has been infamous for his aggression and irrationality, in and out of the octagon. At what point do we begin to notice the actual issue here with McGregor’s behaviours? His lack of control over his aggression may be an influential characteristic to gain his fan-base, but outside of the octagon, he is losing the respect and patience of the sport. It’s a wonder to think if maybe McGregor has a behavioural issue, or maybe he has lost his way in the sea of over-conformity for the sport.

The social aspects of UFC, the entertainment, and violence intertwine to create a spectacle. This give us insights into McGregor’s behaviour and how it may be a result of the consequences of the sport.


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