What is Gender Equality in Sports?

In sports, like in most social spaces, there must be many steps taken for there to be equality between genders in all that is done. In sports, there is still quite a bit of work that still must be done as there are still many people who believe that women are less than men and should be treated as such. Some examples of the many problems women have when trying to become professional athletes include the many limited opportunities for women compared to men, and the positions available offering lesser pay, which is rarely enough to live on. Women have been and continue to be treated this way because people believe that women have weaker physical abilities.

There have been some changes in the way that women are treated compared to men in sports. Some of these advancements made are that women have been allowed to now participate in the Olympics, have sports teams in the national leagues, and sponsorships. Though these advancements have been made, there is still work to be done as female athletes are still treated as less than male athletes in almost all senses.

Female athletes continue to be treated as less than their male counterparts. They continue to be paid less than male athletes, receive fewer sponsorships, and receive more negativity and judgment from fans and critics. Female athletes also continuously objectified and feel that they must prove themselves on many different levels. Though there have been these advancements in the fight for gender equality, this fight is still one that needs fighting.

Featured image: Tennis player Andy Murray and retired champion Amelie Mauresmo. Murray was highly praised for his unprecedented hiring of Mauresmo, a woman, as a coach in 2014. Murray has since emerged as a fervent advocate for gender equality in his sport. Murray and Mauresmo have since parted ways, but Mauresmo is coaching another male tennis player, Lucas Pouille.


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