Sport: Helping to Bring People Together

Sports help in bringing children together and show others that gender and culture are not as important as everyone thinks. Children in sport are playing to have fun and make friends; as long as those two things are present, then the children do not, usually, care about what their teammate’s gender may be, or what they look like. As long as children are enjoying themselves in their sport, they don’t seem to care about the other team members gender, race or or culture, or any of the things that adults would find ‘important’, such as race, religion, income status etc.

Additionally, if a child looks up to an athlete and sees that their team is full of diverse members then that helps the child to understand the concept of inclusivity and helps to bring people together through sport. Witnessing this diversity, enables the child to acknowledge fewer boundaries between who they should befriend on their sports team, or in general everyday life. If a child is feeling left out or bullied and an athlete they look up to reaches out, then it helps to make the child feel included and helps to prove that, indeed, sports are bringing people together.


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