Closing the Gap?

FIFA gets richer and the pay gap gets broader

Every four years, there is a FIFA Women’s World Cup soccer tournament. The most recent women’s tournament took place in 2015 and was hosted by six cities in Canada. Although it was in our home country, this could come as a surprise to most, considering the lack of media attention, financial support, and news coverage the players and event itself receives.

Winning the FIFA World Cup is a huge accomplishment, one of highest achievements you can have as a soccer player. Young soccer players, both girls and boys, dream of winning the World Cup. With that being said, both genders put in a tremendous amount of hours and effort to reach such a prestigious level. So why are men paid so much more?

In 2015, the American women were paid $2 million for winning the tournament. In 2018, the French men received $38 million for winning the same tournament. That is a $36 million difference…

FIFA claims that they are working to close this gap. However, the next Women’s Cup this July has a prize money increase of only $2 million, summing to $4 million. FIFA has billions of dollars in revenue. Surely, pay equity can be met in the near future.

Featured Image: Team USA celebrates their 2015 FIFA World Cup win in Vancouver.


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