Women’s Sports Call for More

The article “The Gender Gap in Sport Performance: Equity influences Equality” discusses the inequality in sports regarding gender, race, religion, socioeconomic status and sexual orientation. The article states that due to these reasons, female participation is lower in competitive sports. Recently, we learned of folding of the Canadian Women’s Hockey League this coming May 1st. Organizations wish to see the women’s hockey league continue to strike and decrease the gender gap in competitive sports.

I believe the reason that the CWHL was unsustainable is partly due to the lack of advertising. Women’s sports are taken less seriously than men’s sport and are given less screen time on television than men. For example, TSN doesn’t show women’s games as often as men’s. If the games are shown, they are scheduled for periods when people are unavailable to watch them. This results in women not receiving enough attention and not allowing them to grow their fan base. Unfortunately, people think women’s sports is less exciting because they don’t involve body contact, which is why they receive less screen time. Men athletes tend to be more aggressive and draw more of a crowd. This causes a competition between men and women’s sports.

I think if the television networks created more attention and advertised the women’s hockey, the league would still be competing.


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