It’s still a Man’s World in Hockey

The Canadian Woman’s Hockey League has been very prominent in the news recently following the announcement that the league will end. The reason given for the end of the league were cited as being financial. However, many people argue that it is less about money rather it focuses more on societies lack of support for women participants in sport. A professor of Kinesiology from Queen’s University, Courtney Szto, claims that, as a society we frequently risk things for the success of men’s sport but we are unwilling to take the risk for women’s sport.

In terms of comparing women’s sport to men’s sports, there are many double standards in society’s perceptions of these athletes. In an article by Lisa Edwards, Carwyn Jones & Charlene Weaving, the double standards expressed following the 2010 gold medal victory of the women’s hockey team was scrutinized. Following their victory, the women celebrated no differently than their male counterparts would do, with excessive drinking. However, they were faced with more criticism, which suggests that the public are more willing to accept this behaviour from men rather than women.

In the media and the sports world, society is much more willing to support men’s sport than women’s. This is a continual problem which hinders the success of women’s sport leagues such as the Canadian Women’s Hockey League.

Featured image: CWHL players. Source:


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