Tennis: A Game or a Business Investment?

It is no secret that sports are entitled to their excessive ticket prices. Whether it’s one of the big four (NFL, MLB, NHL, NBA) or a college league, you should expect to pay big bucks to get a good seat. Why is this? Do sport corporations not make enough money through other sales and media outlets? The economy of sports continues to rise, along with the price of their tickets, and all because they know that their most passionate consumers will pay for the prime seating, no matter the cost.

Tennis is no exception to sky-rocketing ticket prices. Tennis has always been considered a “high-class sport” with little to no rambunctiousness and very strict protocol. It is not unlikely to see famous celebrities and royal members attending matches, and perhaps that is why the organizers feel they can charge a pretty penny for the tickets. This past week, CNN released a statement regarding Wimbledon Court’s new prices for the coveted five-year debenture package: a whopping 80,000 Euros, which converts to approximately USD 105,000.

This package grants you access to all court-side games plus a special viewing room for premium coverage of the games. You will also have access to the exclusive restaurants, bars and private parkade, although this pass does not allow the purchase of free food or drink. Perhaps the largest benefit to this package is the investment. Due to these tickets being some of the most sought after in the world, it is not unlikely for purchasers to buy the package and turn around to sell it for substantially more money. Some consumers may sell the last two years of the debenture for double what they paid three years previous, others have been known to sell it off as day passes. For a closer look at the article:

Sports around the world are largely focused on appealing to consumers in order to bank the largest profit possible. Of course, without us viewers, sports wouldn’t thrive. It is for this reason that I question why ticket prices keep increasing when sport organizations should be catering to their fans more. All sports may target the interests of every one of us, but the organization only target the rich for economic profit and development.

For more information regarding sport organizations and the power of profit this article examines professional sports team ownership.


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