Penn State Gives Back To Young Fans

For what was the fifth straight year in June of 2018, members of the Penn State men’s football team visited a local Children’s Hospital. Coach James Franklin has revealed that it has become a tradition for his team.

“We started this in year one and wasn’t really sure how it was going to go and it’s turned out to be a win-win. It’s turned out to be a positive, I hope for the kids in the hospital and I know it’s been a positive for our program”

-Coach James Franklin of Penn States Men’s Football Team

The team did various things with the Children of Penn State’s Children’s Hospital, including hanging out with them, sharing stories and making crafts. Senior player Nick Scott commented on how they have a lot of respect for the individuals and their fight. He also stated that their smiles are very uplifting and they always leave very happy knowing they made a difference in the children’s day.

FEATURED IMAGE: Devin Pulaski (Left) jokes with Penn State Football player Fred Hansard (Number 53), during the Penn State football team’s visit to the Penn Stat Children’s Hospital in June of 2018.

As coach James Franklin commented, giving back to the community is a win-win for his players. They are able to brighten the days of the children they visit, but they also receive many benefits. Studies show that students who volunteer their time leave feeling more satisfied. Furthermore, this experience positively affects their academic development, civic responsibility and life skills development. In addition, students who regularly volunteer increase their appreciation for cultural diversity, created business connections and improved their time management skills. The benefits are endless and the Penn State Men’s Football team are glad that they are receiving many of these benefits.


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