Canadian Women’s Hockey League (CWHL) Crumbles from Insufficient Funds

On May 1st, 2019, it was decided that the Canadian Women’s Hockey League (CWHL) would fold due to loss in financial support. The league started in 2007 and seemed to be gravitating more attention. However, not enough sponsors and or support creates difficulty for the league to Continue and grow.

The lack of sports media coverage have been detrimental to the success of the league. Sponsorship and low exposure has created a barrier. Whereas their male counterparts have a significant amount of media streaming and fan base.

Mid-game face-off
(Source: Jess Desjardins/CWHL|The Hockey News)

Olympians from the Canadian and United States National teams participated within this league and now are left with no where to go. Many women involved are experiencing inequality within the game of hockey. These women are striving to expand women’s hockey for themselves and future generations but have a shortage of support. This can be related back to the idea of sports being made for men, and that women having the equal rights would be undermining the game of hockey for men. That hockey is seen as a masculine sport and women should not be playing such a aggressive game.

Now the league staff are asking for help from the men of the NHL to help with funds to expand the women’s game. Unfortunately, they have to wait and women’s hockey at the professional level is reliant on a mans decision.


Featured Image: U.S Olympians hoist Trophy after winning championship in CWHL. (source: Chris Young / THE CANADIAN PRESS)

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