Choosing Life Over A Pay Check

Andrew Luck is simultaneously earning respect and disrespect from many fans, coaches, and fellow football players. Andrew was one the highest paid player in the NFL. As of late, he has announced his early retirement from the elite football league. Reports say that Luck will be walking away from a potential pay check of $500 million. By now, I am certain you are bewildered by Luck, questioning what in the heck he was thinking! Luck has his reasons for leaving such a fulfilling and lucrative career and salary. The question remains whether his reasons pacify his doubters into accepting his early farewell.

Indianapolis Colts quarterback Andrew Luck (AP Photo/Eric Christian Smith)
Indianapolis Colts quarterback Andrew Luck (Source: AP Photo/Eric Christian Smith)

Injury and mental illness weighs heavily when ending a career in sport.  There comes a point to when choosing quality of life over money must occur. When is the recommended time to leave sport? Is there a line that when passed, the effects become irreversible? Andrew Luck was experiencing injury and was also “mentally worn down” when he announced his retirement. The passion was no longer there when he hit the field. The numerous injuries were weighing on him tremendously. I, for one, greatly respect Luck’s decision . He is taking a stand against injury and mental illness in sport. He is showing many individuals who look up to him that is it possible to have life after sport and that quality of that life is greater than any amount of money. 


Featured Image: Andrew Luck In Action (Source: Aaron Tallent)

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