Kaillie Humphries: Sues Bobsleigh Canada

Kaillie Humphries is an Olympic bobsleigh pilot and one of Canada’s most accomplished Olympic athletes. Recently in the news, it was released that she was suing Bobsleigh Canada. Her reason for suing was that they have yet to grant her release from the bobsleigh team. She wants release due to verbal, emotional and mental abuse she had received from head coach Todd Hays. She was hoping that suing would speed up the process. They have denied her the right to leave the team, but she refuses to be a part of the team as long as bobsleigh Canada is run by its current management. 

Todd Hays bobsleigh coach and alleged abuser (Source: texsportpub.blogspot.com)

Verbal, emotional and mental abuse is a prominent issue in many sports. Coaches abusing their athletes verbally, emotionally, mentally and even physically is a common event. The effects of coach abuse can persist for a lifetime, leading to effects such as low self-esteem, depression and anger. Coaches feel as if they have authority over their athletes, which can often lead them to abuse their athletes. This behaviour is more common than one would hope.

When learning about this incident, I wondered what Bobsleigh Canada would do in an effort to keep Kaillie Humphries as a member of the team. I wondered if they would make management changes as a result of her complaints. As of now, bobsleigh Canada has granted the request of Olympic bobsled champion Kaillie Humphries and released her from their program. This movement allows Humphries to take her skills elsewhere and she could even compete for another country.


Featured Image: Kaillie Humphries Olympic Bobsleigh. (Source: Jeff McIntosh/CP)

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