NHL Hires the First Female Pro Scout

This past week the new NHL franchise based out of Seattle has hired the first female Pro Scout. Until now, there has only ever been male pro scouts. The Toronto Maple Leafs have a female amateur scout Noelle Needham. The Seattle team has hired Cammi Granato as the first female pro scout. Granato captained the US women’s hockey team that won gold in the 1998 winter Olympics. She has a number of awards and hockey titles under her name and was inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame, the International Hockey Hall of Fame, and the US Hockey Hall of fame. There is no question that Granato knows the game of hockey, and she knows it very well.

Cammi Granato. (Source: Getty Images)

Sportnet states that Granato was not hired because she is a woman–she was hired because of her resume. The GM states that “her resume may be the best on the staff.” Having a female hired as a Pro Scout is breaking the stigma that it is a job that cannot be done by women. Children pick up on gender roles in sports at an early age. Being a pro scout is stereotypically a male position, and that is how society views it, even from an early age. It is excellent to have a woman in this position so that young people can look up to her and know that anyone can do any job, regardless of their gender. Time will tell about the response this hiring will get.


Featured Image: Cammi Granato becomes the first NHL pro Scout (Source: NHL Seattle/Facebook)

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