Brawl Moves from the Court to Social Media

It is very common for a fight to happen during a hockey game. However, it is not such a common occurrence on the basketball court. The latter is what took place between Philadelphia’s Joel Embiid and Minnesota’s Karl-Anthony Towns. The fight started between the two during the third quarter and it was not long before other players and coaches got involved.

What makes this fight interesting is that it did not end on the court, it continued afterwards on social media with each making a post on Instagram. Both posts are discussed in the Tim & Sid video that can be found attached to the article. It appears that both players did not take the fight very seriously. Since then, both players have been each issued a two-game suspension without pay. It was surprising that no action was taken for the further exchanges that took place on social media.

Image result for fight between embiid and towns
Embiid and Towns during fight (Source: Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

Violence in sports has been taking place for as long as people have been competing in sports. It is evident that the media has also had an effect on that type of violence for a long time. Research thus demonstrates that violence in sports has different consequences than violence in society. Violence in sport is often encouraged and normalized. It leads to the question of why we allow athletes to demonstrate violence with very little consequences.


Featured Image: The brawl involved both teams as they sought to separate the two instigators (Source: Bill Streicher/USA today sports)

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