NCAA to Allow Student-Athletes to Receive Endorsement Deals

Many NCAA Colleges are wanting for their players to receive endorsements which will provide more financial support for their athletes. There was resistance from the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) to make this move, after reviewing are willing to change the rules.

Most profits from college athletics do not go towards academics. Money received is distributed amongst the coaches, athletic directors, and some administrators, reports Edelman. Even-though student-athletes are the ones who are performing, it is argued that they should receive salaries like their coaches and staff or allowed endorsements that will relate to better performance within both academics and athletics.

Scholarships often cover most of the student-athletes expenses such as books and board. By having more financial support it is argued that it will allow players who may struggle financially, to be able to give their body the treatment it needs to perform at such a high demanding level.

Many collegiate athletes feel this way and it was evident with upcoming professional athletes such as Ben Simmons. When he was in college, he had having to pay for his own shoes and clothes and had to provide receipts for everything. This was frustrating for him and his family exemplified in his documentary “One and Done.”

Ben Simmons at LSU (Source: Getty Images/ Stacey Revere)

This is problematic. Due to the rules set in place by NCAA, if an athlete were to accept outside support, they would be suspended, or can face other consequences based on the violation.

If this were to come into effect, pay would be based on performance, and how popular you are. The more influence you have on fans the more endorsements you would be offered. The NCAA makes 1 billion dollars per year and should allow players to experience how to manage money and contracts if they have the possibility of eventually doing it at the professional level.

The NCAA intends to put these changes into place in the next few years, however ,the organizations board is working on the details to ensure this process will not negatively impact student-athletes.


Featured image: NCAA logo

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