“It’s a Man’s Game”: New York Knick Marcus Morris’ Misogynistic Post Game Comments

It has been a difficult season for the New York Knicks’ to say the least, with a .265 winning percentage in the past 47 games. Their 127-106 blowout loss to the Memphis Grizzlies on Wednesday night is part of a trend this year, dropping their 13th game of the season by 20 points or more. Frustrations boiled over towards the end of the 4th quarter as Grizzlies Jae Crower attempted a three point shot with under 50 seconds left in an already decided game. In retaliation to this “unsportsmanlike” play, Morris stirred up a physical altercation between the two players, both later receiving ejections for the remainder of the game.

Image result for marcus morris jae crowder
Knicks’ Marcus Morris defends Grizzlies Jae Crower prior to their altercation
(Source: Charles Curtis, USA Today Sports)

During the post game scrum Morris made his feelings towards Crower clear, stating that

He plays the game a different way, there were a lot of female tendencies on the court, flopping, and throwing his head back the entire game. It’s a man’s game and you just get tired of it. It’s just unprofessional, man. It’s soft. His game is soft. He’s soft… He’s just very woman-like.

Marcus Morris

These misogynistic comments have no place in the world of sport. Sport should be viewed as a hub of inclusiveness and equality. There is an ingrained notion that sport is for men and male persons which associates masculinity with athletic ability. As Eric Anderson’s article discusses, these are the “forces that help influence the reproduction of sexist, misogynistic, and anti-feminine attitudes among men in team sports.”

Unfortunately mindsets like Morris’ still exist today in professional and amateur sport. Although mindsets are changing, and negative stigmas surrounding women and sport are decreasing as the times change. We can only hope that sport can be an empowering platform for all peoples involved.

Iain G.

Featured image: Marcus Morris (ESPN)

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