Sackville Hockey Club Withdraws from Kraft Hockeyville 2020

A local hockey club out of Sackville, Nova Scotia has withdrawn from the Kraft Hockeyville 2020 contest in support of a rival club in Tyne Valley P.E.I.. The community of Tyne Valley endured a devastating loss on December 29th 2019 when its community rink was destroyed by a fire. Jamie Munroe, a hockey dad out of the Sackville Flames club, caught wind of this disaster and pushed for support of Tyne Valley in the Kraft event.

Kraft organizes a contest every year in which hockey clubs and associations from across Canada can be nominated to win $250,000 in support of the upgrading of rinks and equipment in their community, as well as win an NHL pre-season game. Communities compete over social media platforms by posting photos, videos, and hosting rallies in support of their organization.

Members of the Tyne Valley community gather outside of their damaged sports centre. (THE CANADIAN PRESS/HO, Lee Dobson, Skyview Media/Aerial Drone Services)

Those involved in sports know just how great of an impact an organization or team can make on a community, and this is exactly the reason why the Sackville Flames hockey team is giving their support to their competition in Tyne Valley. In Canada, when we think of tight knit community sport we often think of hockey. Many arenas across the country are considered sacred places in their communities. “It’s a place where people go to grieve and heal. It’s a meeting place for friends, a place to hang out, and enjoy a game,” said Munroe in an interview.

Sports facilities can provide an important contribution to the physical infrastructure of communities, provide a social focus for community and consequently influence people’s perceptions of neighbourhood.

Jarvie, 2003

Munroe comments that there are two local rinks in Sackville that need upgrading, but the money would be better spent on a community that does not have to opportunity to see their children play. Many parents see hockey as an excellent way for kids to socialize and learn what it means to be part of a team, and most importantly, part of a community. The possible renovations to the community centre in Tyne Valley could mean new opportunities for youth to be included, develop positive social traits, and increase self-confidence.

The Sackville club hosted a rally in support of Tyne Valley’s bid, gathering between 800-1000 people from across Nova Scotia and a few from P.E.I.. The support for Tyne Valley has spread across the country. Kraft will announce the top four contending communities on March 14th and a winner will be determined on March 28th.


Featured Image: Rally outside of the Sackville arena in support of the Tyne Valley Hockeyville bid. (Kraft Hockeyville 2020 – Tyne Valley Community Sports Centre Facebook page)

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