No Celebration Dance for Aubrey Huff

Despite being the cleanup hitter for the series that won the San Francisco Giants a World Championship, Aubrey Huff was the only team member not invited to the ten-year anniversary reunion celebration. Huff believed that the lack of an invitation to the celebration was caused by his Twitter feed and, more specifically, his posts supporting President Donald Trump. In an interview on Watters’ Words, Huff explains that the CEO of the San Francisco Giants, Larry Baer, explained to him that the decision was a unanimous board decision, and the reason behind it was not caused by a single Twitter post, but his overall profile.

Another hot topic surrounding this matter is the differential treatment Huff is receiving for his actions compared to Barry Bonds, a former San Francisco Giant. Bonds was not only accused of using performance enhancing substances, but was convicted of lying to a federal grand jury during the 2002 Bay Area Laboratory Co-operative (BALCO) scandal. Despite committing a crime, Bonds was treated with “kid gloves”, and he was not reprimanded in any way for his actions by the San Francisco Giants. Many San Francisco fans are cancelling their seasons tickets and taking Huff’s side, saying that the board’s actions to rebuke Huff, but not a man who committed a crime, is unjust.

Image result for aubrey huff not invited to celebration
Aubrey Huff preparing to bat for the San Francisco Giants (Source: Eric Risberg)

The grey line for what is considered deviant behaviour in the sport world brings forth many heated topics of discussion that the media capitalizes on. What is illegal to the non-sport community is not always seen in the same light in the sport world. Aubrey Huff’s actions were not acceptable in the eyes of his former sport organization, but many believe that much worse has been done and gone unsanctioned. Deviance can be seen as both positive and negative in the sports world, and this fact leaves the media chomping at the bit to uncover their next sensational story.  


Featured Image: San Francisco Giants celebrate their world title victory in 2010 (Source: Stephen Dunn/Getty Images)

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