Pot and Base Knocks: Marijuana No Longer Banned in the MLB

Major League Baseball is the first of the four Major North American sports leagues to remove marijuana from its list of banned substances. The players union and the league office agreed upon this ahead of the 2020 season which begins in less than a month. However, players and team personnel are still able to be disciplined if caught under the influence on the job.

In the past, members of Major League Baseball organizations were punished by a fine or suspension if caught with any sort of cannabinoid. This has now been changed to having to undergo a mandatory evaluation for a possible treatment program. Failure to do the evaluation could now result in a fine or suspension.

The medical personnel for the major league clubs have also been informed that they are not able to prescribe, recommend or dispense any form of cannabinoid to their athletes.

Image result for mlb weed
Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles, CA (Source: Wave 3)

Tynes examined the use of different performance enhancing substances in Major league Baseball as it has been a sport full of controversy when it comes to athletes being caught using them. Between what was examined in the Tynes’s study along with the MLB’s own investigation after the death of Tyler Skaggs last season, an MLB pitcher who passed away due to a drug overdose, it is easy to see why the MLB removed this drug from their banned substances list. There are far more important substances that need to be put at the forefront of the MLB trying to remove their use in the league.


Featured Image: Fictitious Image of Mike Trout batting with a joint (Source: Yahoo)

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