New Branding of Women’s Sports Association for 40th Anniversary

The sports association known as “Canadian Association for the Advancement of Women in Sport and Physical Activity ” has been re-branded to the name of Canadian Women and Sport. From CBC’s article on Women in Sport, it stated, “Broadly in the big context right now, there’s so much attention on women in sport that there is a real appetite I think for the conversation. And people are looking for solutions”. This sport organization was founded in 1981 and is coming up on the 40th year of existence, striving to promote young women to join sports. Hence the new branding, strengthening the push for support to women and sport.

Bianca Andreescu has her eyes on the prize in her WTA Finals Tennis Tournament in China (Andy Wong/The Canadian Press/AP)

Bianca Andreescu, a 19 year old new tennis star is lighting up the realm of women and sport, becoming such an inspiration to all Canadians. Beginning her season ranked 150th in the world and making her way to number 4 was an astonishing feat. Brooke Henderson, another female Canadian athlete finished her past season with a statement, becoming the winningest pro golfer in Canadian History with 9 LPGA titles. A big event this year happened at St Francis Xavier University for women in sport with the women’s rugby team took the place of the men’s football team on the homecoming game.

Women in sports have been neglected significantly in the past and still in the present day, they are constantly being compared to men. Women are treated differently and considered less sometimes in the realm of sport and not offered positions of power, giving them feelings of being diminished and objectified. This cannot and should not be the case. There are still gender ideologies in today’s sports world going against women, marginalizing them. Negative comments bring them down and discourage them from participation. It is a must that everyone is to be treated fairly, and women athletes are showing they can do as men do with their vast accomplishments. Re-branding of Women and Sport emphasizes and hopes to bring more support and encourage young women to continue entering the sporting world.


Broke Henderson receiving her award after winning the Meijer LPGA Classic (Source: Andy Lyons/Getty Images)

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