Bill Introduced to Ban Transgender High School Athletes From Some Sports

Transgender high school athletes are now facing a new bill which means that they will have to participate with the sports team associated with the gender on birth certificate. A bill sponsored by Alabama state rep lead by Chris Pringle states that all transgender athletes in the Alabama State Region will have to play with the gender (girls with girls, boys with boys) listed on their birth certificate. Pringle is confident that this ban will pass and that this law will be enforced.

When Pringle spoke at House Committee meeting, he said that this ban is to protect young female athletes who have trained to compete as a female. He claims that males are stronger and faster and it would not be fair to female athletes.

However, with Pringle working hard for this bill, multiple forces are against it. LGBTQ organizations are fighting for the right of transgender students. They feel as though they should be able to express themselves however they feel. Eliza Byard of GLSEN (LGBTQ organization) openly expressed that there is no evidence of transgender dominance in athletes. 

Alabama is not the only state considering this ban. Other states considering similar transgender laws include Georgia, Washington, Missouri, Idaho, Ohio and Tennessee.

Alabama House committee meeting to discuss bill (Source: Alabama City News)

Transgender athletes should be able to express themselves and fit in where they please. In the article “Sport and Transgender People“, eight research articles and 31 policies were reviewed on transgender people in sport. What was found is that most transgender people have a negative experience with competitive sports because of the restrictions society has placed on them. 

It was also found that female or male transgender athletes have no advantage or disadvantage at any point of their transition phase. Any policy that has been placed on the participation of transgender people needs to be revised. Athletes should be able to freely express themselves where they feel they belong. 

Megan C

Featured Image: High school transgender athlete Terry Miller (second from left) wins 55- meter dash over transgender athlete Andraya Yearwood (far left). (Source: Eaton-Robb, NBC News)

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