CBC Commits to Gender Balanced Sport Coverage

From the emergence of the Edmonton Grads dominating basketball in the early 20th century, to Bianca Andreescu winning the Glam Slam title in 2019, to every woman between and beyond, Canadian sport has no shortage of female athletes. However, their stories often come second to their male counterparts. 

On March 6th, CBC Sports announced a commitment to gender-balanced coverage. This commitment will not be an easy task and is a process which will require a large shift from the current norm. Currently, only 4% of sports programming on Canadian national networks features women’s sport. 

Canada’s Olympic Women’s Hockey Team Winning Gold in Sochi, 2014 (Photo Source: David Goldman)

This announcement was made just two days before International Women’s Day. This shift is not only considered morally just, but also hopes to feed the increasing demand for women’s sport coverage. CBC is maintaining the notion that women’s sport does not belong in a separate broadcast and is equally as valid as male sport. This announcement brings about the hope that gender-balanced roles in reporting and commentating will follow suit. 

CBC Sports Logo (source: CBC Radio)

By showing women in sport young girls are encouraged to participate, creating the foundation to be active for life. Gender-equal coverage will ensure that girls and women in Canada are able to see themselves represented as athletes, providing strong female role models. 

Canada has an abundance of strong female athletes. The time has come for Canada as a nation to view their talent and give the recognition deserved.


Featured image: Bianca Andreescu During Her Second Round Match at the U.S. Open (Source: Mike Stobe)

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