Women’s Sports Association Rebrands

On Monday, the Canadian Association for the Advancement of Women in Sport and Physical Activity (CAAWS) unveiled a new name — Canadian Women & Sport — and logo.

The importance of Women & Sport is crucial to changing attitudes towards female athletes, and is very important in our society. Allison Sandmeyer-Graves, Canadian Women & Sport CEO, believes the appetite for information about women in sport is at an all-time high. The opportunity to make an impact is huge. “Broadly in the big context right now, there’s so much attention on women in sport that there is a real appetite I think for the conversation. And people are looking for solutions,” said Sandmeyer-Graves, the national organization’s CEO.

CAAWS hopes are to have this fresh brand be more accessible, more relevant, more approachable, and to help reach and engage people who could benefit from what the organization has to offer. For girls, there are additional forces preventing them from playing,” says the video’s voiceover — with a shot of two young boys running past a little girl standing shyly on the sidelines of a soccer practice. “Our challenge is to keep girls in the game. Because girls who stay in sports become women who rise to a challenge, achieve their potential and make the world a better place. Because when inclusion is not just a buzz word, we all benefit.”

The organization, founded in 1981, has been dedicated to creating inclusive Canadian sport and physical activity system. Women’s sport has been at an all time high with the rise of tennis star Bianca Andreescu and golf’s Brooke Henderson among others. Canadian women are expected to climb the medal podium at the Tokyo Olympics in a variety of sports, which is great for Canadian Women and Sport and for many other young women.

Canadian Women & Sport unveiled its new identity with an inspiring manifesto video outlining its mission to challenge the status quo and build better sport through gender equity:

Canadian Women and Sport’s manifesto video

Their video sends a powerful message and is inspiring to women in sports, while also helping spread awareness about how amazing women can be in their respective sports.


Featured Image: Bianca Andreescu of Canada (Andy Wong/The Canadian Press/AP)

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