Death of a Legend

A basketball star gone too soon, Kobe Bryant, has left us with his colossal legacy and positive impact.

Earlier this week, a helicopter holding 9 passengers including Kobe Bryant and his 13-year-old daughter, Gianna, crashed into a hillside resulting in no survivors. According to news reports and authorities the legend and his daughter were on route to a basketball practice of the late Gianna.

There are few words worthy enough to describe his tremendous meaning to the basketball world. Bryant was a major contributor to the Los Angeles Lakers in the 20 seasons he played for them. His traits of high energy, competitiveness, and personal drive were leading contributors to his success as a celebrity athlete. He finished his career on a high note of 60 points in his final game leaving him as the fourth-leading scorer in league history.
Kobe Bryant and his daughter ‘Gigi’ Gianna

This heart wrenching news has been the talk of not only the basketball bubble but it has been a discussion widespread throughout the world. It is clear to see that Kobe’s fame is the reason for the enormous publicity of this story. This is a proper example of the significance of having power, fame, and wealth in society. Society tends to provide its greatest attention to those who standout in the world and those without power and fame are sought of as lesser than or not as important.

Aside from one of the greatest basketball players in history, he was a father, a coach, a brother and a friend. We remember him as a great basketball star – the characteristic that brought him the most power rather than any of his other accomplishments. Although Kobe did not know of most of the peoples lives he influenced and was unable to have a mutual relationship with them, his fans still treated his death as if he was someone very close to them.

In an article reviewed, it described the impact of people with fame and wealth such as celebrities. It studied the fact that many people did not have a reciprocated relationship with these celebrities but still felt a strong feeling of emptiness, despise ever meeting one another. Bryant’s death has impacted many lives; due to his popularity and fame, that the fans have grown to love and connect with him. Many in society strive to reach a close connection and relationship with leaders and powerful and wealthy individuals. In making that connection, whether it be because people following their daily life on social media or using admirable figures such as Kobe’s quotes or verbalized values, when they pass on it can be devastating. This is where we ask ourselves: would this fatal crash have made top news stories and been spread across the world if it had not involved the death of a legend to many?


Featured image: #24 for the Los Angeles Lakers, Kobe Bryant – a basketball icon gone too soon (Source: RICK BOWMER / THE ASSOCIATED PRESS FILE PHOTO)

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