Christine Sinclair: A Canadian Hero

Christine Sinclair has recently made headlines after becoming the top International Goal Scorer in Soccer with an impressive score of 185 goals scored. Christine Sinclair is a Canadian athlete, born and raised Burnaby, British Columbia, and has played soccer on the international stage for over 20 years. She has played in five FIFA Women’s World Cups and three different Summer Olympics and is currently working towards helping the Canadian Women’s Soccer team qualify for the Tokyo Olympics in the summer of 2020.

Christine Sinclair’s impressive feat is made even more extraordinary considering that the record she now holds is not just for women’s soccer but for men’s as well. Her 185 international goals make her not only the top female international scorer but the top international scorer, period.

Canada’s Christine Sinclair, right, tries a shoot during the Women’s World Cup Group E soccer match between Canada and New Zealand. (Francisco Seco/CP)

Sinclair has witnessed and helped in the improvement of gender equality in sports, especially in Canadian women’s soccer. She has been a catalyst for equal recognition and praise of women’s athletic accomplishments on the world stage. Her achievements not only as an athlete but as a female athlete are undeniable and she single handily brings international attention to her team and sport. Sinclair’s recent record-breaking accomplishment has brought her fame and congratulations from many of the world’s top athletes such as Abby Wambach (the previous title holder), Billy Jean King and Steve Nash and she was even congratulated by the Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau.

Sinclair’s success has meant a lot to not only her team and country, but all female athletes. Female athletes are often overlooked, and their accomplishments are often not properly acknowledged to the same extent as their male counterparts. This phenomenon of gender inequality has been studied here.

Sinclair herself is a modest athlete and often will not publicly brag about her accomplishments, but her strength, hard work and passion has inspired a generation of female athletes. Sinclair is a strong female role model and she continues to shed light on the success of female athletes and works toward equalization of genders in sports.


Christine Sinclair has scored more international goals than any other woman or man on the planet. (AP Photo/Andy Jacobsohn)

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