Surviving Member of Humboldt Bronco’s Files Lawsuit

It’s been two years since the tragic Humboldt Bronco’s accident and parties that were involved in the accident have still not fully recovered physically or mentally. The sad truth is that they will likely never truly recover. Ryan Alexander Straschnitzki is one of the surviving members of the team and was left paralyzed by the accident. Straschnitzki “is suing those he believes were responsible for the collision, which he claims includes the team bus driver, Glen Doerksen, who died in the tragedy”.

Straschnitzki participating in a sledge hockey scrimmage (Source: Joe Mahoney/Canadian Press)

Straschnitzki is suing the parties he sees as responsible for the crash for a grand total of 13.5 million dollars. Straschnitzki claims that Doerksen was doing 119km/hr in a 100km/hr zone and did not make any attempt to slow down when coming up to the intersection where the crash occured. Straschnitzki also says that Doerksen knew how dangerous this intersection was as it has a very infamous history of fatal crashes. Straschnitzki also blames the government for not making the roadways safe and for having the federal government being the ones responsible for transportation safety.

Whether Straschnitzki will win his case or not is still up in the air at the moment as, in previous court cases regarding this accident, it was ruled that Doersken could not have avoided the accident no matter what he had done. For Straschnitzki, we can only hope that he can recover as best as he can from not only his injuries, but his loss of identity. Athletes suffering from a career ending injury like this can often suffer from an identity crisis which just makes things worse. We can only hope that everyone involved with this tragic accident can find peace.


Featured Image: Straschnitzki playing in a fundraising sledge hockey game (Source:(Jeff McIntosh/Canadian Press)

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