Tokyo 2020 Olympics Postponed

Canada’s Olympic committee announced on March 22nd that it would not be sending a team to the Tokyo Olympics if they were not postponed due to the global Coronavirus outbreak. Sending athletes to Asia in July would put to shame the effort to flatten the curve of millions of Canadians, and billions of people around the world. The CEO of the Canadian Olympic Committee, David Shoemaker, was quoted saying “I’d like to think it means that we don’t prioritize gold medals at all costs”.

Large scale sporting events like the Olympics allow for waves of national pride. Social unity is felt by millions of people through the love of sports. In efforts to preserve this unity and positive nationalism, postponing the Olympic Games is the right decision. When the pandemic fades into the past there will be a grand celebration of cultures and sports to unite the world.

Board members of the Tokyo Organizing Committee wear masks at an executive board meeting. (Issei Kato/The Associated Press)

The Olympics were scheduled to begin July 23rd next year in Tokyo, with the Paralympics following closely behind on August 24th. This is the first time in history that the Olympic Games have been postponed, but sport committees around the world agree that this is the best decision to be made at this time.

Thousands of athletes all around the world have been training for their entire lives for the Olympics, and devastation was felt globally when the news of the postponement arose. During the Olympics, an unequal balance is felt between the dominating and unsuccessful countries, but the whole world now agrees, no one, no matter how athletically inclined, is immune to the Covid-19 virus. As a sport community now more than ever, there is a need to unite instead of divide, and look out for the best interests of our sport family.


Featured image: The official Tokyo 2020 logo (

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