The Olympics Must Wait

Sport fanatics all over the world will have to wait an extra year to witness the Tokyo Summer Olympics that were originally scheduled for July of this year. The decision to postpone the celebration of sport was saddening for the billions of spectators, even more so for the athletes that have been training so hard for the past three years. I can only imagine how hard it was for members of the IOC to announce the news, although it was necessary in order to combat the spread of the rampaging COVID-19. The sporting world is currently being deprived, all major events are either cancelled or postponed to a later date. The last time that the Olympics have been cancelled was during World War II; that just goes to show how serious this global pandemic has become. 

A woman wearing a face mask poses for a photograph next to the Olympic rings in Tokyo, Japan.
Olympic Rings in Tokyo, Japan (Source: Getty Images)

Every two years billions of people around the world tune in during the two week Olympics to cheer on individual athletes and teams from their respective country. People take a lot of pride in how well their country fairs against others. Receiving a medal is such an honourable achievement for an athlete who has dedicated their life towards their craft. It has been shown that younger people tend to base medal standings at the Olympics on the nations overall success. This shows how much social pressure that is placed on athletes to perform at the highest level. All in all, the Olympics have been an important part of society for a long time, there are many people counting on the fact that they will return next year. 


Featured Image: The Logo for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics (Source:

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