Notre Dame Fans Storm Field After Upset Win Against Clemson

On Saturday November 7, the Notre Dame Fighting Irish beat the previously number one ranked and heavy favourite Clemson in NCAA football. Knowing college traditions, coach of Notre Dame Brian Kelly had warned his players that if they won fans would try to storm the field. He issued warning to his players that he wanted them to exit the field as soon as possible and they could celebrate in locker room, but because of COVID-19 rules it was unacceptable to stay on field.
Notre Dame preparing to charge field before kickoff vs number 1 ranked Clemson 
(source: Matt Cashore/Pool Photo via AP)

The president of Notre dame had no problem coming out to the media and immediately reacting to the situation by saying he was disappointed by fans not following the COVID guidelines. Notre Dame fans have high levels of team identification which is the degree that the fan views the team as an extension to self-identity. They sell out almost every game and are a storied franchise that everyone knows about so the team has a very passionate fan base. A win like this benefit’s individual fans, the team and the campus community and creates a certain buzz and good spirit to everyone. A lot of this was taken away when their biggest win all year was overshadowed by the field surge. 

This is tradition, but the safety of others around the campus is priority. It is better to realize during a pandemic that this is not acceptable. So now the question is how does Notre Dame handle this?  To answer that, it is now mandatory that every student gets tested for COVID before they can enroll in the spring semester or receive a transcript.  

 The actions taken for this incident will hopefully stop something like this from happening again in the future. 

Cole O’Leary

Feature image: Fighting Irish fans rush field mid pandemic after upset win (Source: Getty Images)


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