Kim Ng: First Female General Manager in the Major Leagues

In the history of professional male North American sports (NHL, NBA, MLB, NFL) there has never been a female General Manager of a team, until now. After 30 years of experience in the MLB, and multiple attempts at the job, Kim Ng has just been hired by the Miami Marlins as their General Manager. She has broken down a major wall towards women holding a major position in a predominantly male sports scene.
Kim Ng in Yankees Stadium (Source: Mitsu Yasukawa) 

In the history of all the “male” major sports leagues in North America (NHL, NBA, NFL, MLB) there have been very few females in major roles. This is due to male prejudice and believing that a man is “always” better for the job than a female despite their accolades. But the Miami Marlins of the MLB have taken the first steps to breaking that preconception, hiring Kim Ng and many consider her overqualified. 

After at least seven attempts, not only is she the first female but she is also the first Asian-American General Manager in the MLB. With the hire being so recent it is hard to tell if it will have a huge impact on the sport and who they hire. But with the state of the league it seems that more and more women will hopefully be taken into consideration when applying for a job there.  

Hunter Shaw

Featured image: Kim NG with her 1998 Yankees world series ring (Source: Bryce Duffy) 

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