Black Lives Matter and the NBA Bubble

Marc J. Spears outlines how, despite the success of the NBA bubble and Lebron James’s 4th championship, the NBA will still arguably be most remembered for their efforts of campaigning the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement. These efforts stemmed from the concern of the many NBA players who were actively participating in the movement while the NBA was postponed and their concerns that a restart in a bubble would not allow for them to actively voice their concerns.  

This image is of the kind of jersey that players wore during their time in the bubble. The league allowed players to convey messages on the back of their jerseys about the BLM movement. (Source: The Undefeated)  

The league worked with the players association to create platforms for the players to address their concerns and more importantly showcased those platforms to the public. These extra efforts combined with the outpour of concern showcased by the NBA players shows us that this issue goes deeper than sport. It also shows us how the athletes that play in the NBA realize, care and want to make an effort to have impact on an issue that is deeper than their sport, because it is an issue that relates to many of their and their families lives, due to the fact that NBA is predominately African American players.  

This raises the question of whether this is going to be a new normal in sport. Not just the concern for the BLM movement but will other leagues, athletes, associations etc. start to use their following to create awareness and help fight the issues that they care about? If this becomes a “new norm” like so many things have in 2020. These trend of using the media can be related to David Rowe’s article.


Feature image: The LA Lakers and the Utah Jazz kneeling together in front of the BLM sign on the court. This action was performed during the national anthem  (Source: NBC)

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