19-Year-Old Russian Hockey Player Dies After Being Hit by Puck

19-year-old Timur Faizutdinov landed in hospital on Friday March 12, 2021 after being hit in the head by a hockey puck. Faizutdinov, defenceman for the Dynamo St. Petersburg’s junior hockey team, was playing against the Loko Yaroslavl hockey team in a playoff game. He was hit by the puck after it was shot from the neutral zone. Paramedics and the team doctor treated the teen on the ice after he had collapsed. He was then taken to the hospital where he was treated for three days until sadly passing away Tuesday. The team says there will a moment of silence for Faizutdinov to begin any upcoming games.  

Although incredibly heartbreaking, it is no surprise to anyone when there are reports of injuries caused by hockey in the news. Ice hockey is among the most violent team sports in modern sport. Despite the amount of protective gear and equipment players are required to wear, it sometimes isn’t enough to prevent serious injuries and, in some cases, deaths.

Timur Faizutdinov’s teammates paying a tribute to him (Source: Russia Youth Hockey League)

Hockey, like other sports, teaches team work along with other skills that are important in life, however the contact sport can also lead to aggression. Rules and regulations are in place so injuries don’t happen, however with the number of serious injuries that are endured during hockey, there should be further research on what can be done to help prevent these injuries even further.

Alexis H.

Featured Image: 19-year-old Timur Faizutdinov (Source: MHC Dynamo St. Petersburg) 

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