Raptors Line Up All-female Broadcast Crew

On International Women’s Day (March 8th), the Toronto Raptors announced their plan to have an all-female broadcast crew for the televised game to take place on March 24. The crew is said to consist of Meghan McPeakKia NurseKayla GreyKate Beirness, and Amy Audibert.  

The goal of this event as stated by Raptor’s vice president, John Wiggins, is to make a point and to “highlight the contributions that women make individually- across so many broadcasts – by bringing them all together”. It was also noted that these female broadcasters will also be sharing their experience through virtual events and speaking with students from Ryerson University’s sport business program through a virtual panel. 

Toronto Raptors’ tweet about all-female broadcasting crew for March 24th

Although this is not the first time an all-female crew was lined up, as Sportsnet also planned and all-female crew last March for an NHL game, it is not a common occurrence. It is no question that the majority of sports broadcasters are men, a result of any number of reasons. The topic of women in sport in general is still a very pertinent conversation in today’s society, let alone women reporting on sport or knowing more about sports than men. That being said, this all-female crew is definitely a step in the right direction as we see the potential for women in sport media expanding and get “a glimpse at the next generation of women in sport media”.  

Maura S. 

Featured image: Meghan McPeak pictured announcing at a Raptors game (Source: Nathan Denette)

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