Announcer At Highschool Basketball Game Uses Racial Slur on Hot Mic

Do you remember blurting out phrases without using a “filter”? On March 11th, 2021, Matt Rowan did not use his filter while being the announcer for Norman High School-Midwest quarter final women’s basketball game in Oklahoma. Rowan and another broadcaster were explaining to audience via livestream that they were cutting to break and will return shortly. Unfortunately for Rowan, the mic audio didn’t cut out.  

Live stream view as racial slurs were uttered (Source: Clay Horning/The Transcript )

Norman athletes took a knee in support of their African American teammates during the national anthem. Rowan thought it was appropriate to give his racist opinion to the co-broadcaster, along with everyone tuned into the game. “They’re kneeing?” Fuck them!”, Rowan uttered through the mic. He then said he hopes Norman losses the game and kneeling was a no in his books. Rowan used the N-word directed towards Norman athletes. He made a statement the following weekend to defend himself.  

In Rowan’s statement, he referenced his catholic background, being a family figure, and his type-1 diabetes. He explained he not only disappointed his family and friends, but also himself. Then, he explained that when his blood sugar spikes, he can become confused and inappropriate. He effectively suggested that, if his blood sugar was not spiking, he wouldn’t have used these racial slurs.  

Clip of Rowan on Live Stream  

Mark Rowan was not the first sport associated figure to have made athletes feel lesser due to being Black. Athletes from different levels of sport have felt hurt, shock, and different. Why do White people think that they sit superior over someone with a different skin color? Adults still need to be educated on the disrespectfulness and abuse of their racist actions. Light should be spread upon the topic that adults are not always more educated on a topic just because they are older.   


Featured image: Norman Team kneeling for national anthem (Source: Joe Buettner/The Transcript)

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