2021 Boston Marathon Will Take Place Virtually and In-Person

The last Marathon before the pandemic

The Boston Marathon, started in 1897, will take place virtually and in-person this year in early October.  Due to the current pandemic, the race was postponed and eventually cancelled last year. This was replaced by a virtual race that allowed 16,000 people to run the marathon over a 10-day span. 

Marathons typically house thousands of runners in close proximity at one time, making it near impossible to have during a global wide pandemic.  The Boston Marathon, in particular, is the most prestigious marathon an athlete can run, and it takes months of training to qualify.  As expected, many runners were upset with this decision.

COVID-19 hit us a lot harder than most expected, and things still are not back to normal over a year later. Due to the social risk of the illness the Boston marathon will be ran virtually and in person, giving people the option to run while in the safety of their own home. The virtual run will consist of 70,000 runners instead of last years 16,000. Along with this virtual run, an in person run will also be taking place. The in-person race will allow for up to 20,000 runners, and it will introduce significant additional protocols to keep the runners and the audience as safe as possible. 


Featured image: Runners shown completing the 2018 Boston Marathon (Source: Ryan Mcbride – Getty Images)

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