E-sports, COVID-19, and Children’s Sedentarism

The recent world crisis caused by COVID-19 pandemic has created a new world of problems for sports, whether that be professional or amateur. Professional sports have had trouble with covid exposure and losing games but the biggest change to sports has come with children in amateur club sports. 

According to Milic (2020), COVID-19 has ceased a lot of club and school sports temporarily leaving children to spend more of their time competing in e-sports through video game consoles. Milic (2020) stated that this change in social and physical activity alone can create a decline in the mental and intellectual abilities of children along with creating physical disabilities for these children due to lack of activity. 

Returning to Youth Sports after COVID-19

Milic (2020) also showed that children by the age of 10 now have more e-sport ability than physical ability and this will only get worse with COVID-19. The World Health Organization (WHO) has stated that a decline like this in children is amplified by all the social situations they have lost out on due to COVID-19. COVID-19 has left children with little to no access to their friends, teachers, coaches, and other important figures a child needs in their life. Between the increase in video game activity by children and the decrease in sporting and social events, children all over the world a vulnerable to this decline in mental/physical abilities. 


Featured image: Children participating in e-sports (Source: Kids in the Game)

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