Breakdancing May Go to the 2024 Olympics, but Is It a Sport?

Breakdancing could be a new to come to the Olympic at the 2024 Games in Paris, while baseball and softball are on their way out again.

Paris 2024 will propose to the International Olympic Committee that breakdancing be included in the program in five years. The sport was among the events on schedule in the 2018 Summer Youth Olympics in Buenos Aires. Surfing, climbing, and skateboarding were also added to the Tokyo Games next year, and may also make their way to Paris.

But, is this sport really a sport? Sport is defined by some as activities that are considered to have some element of play, and should be physical, skillful, competitive and, most importantly, be motivated by internal and external rewards while also being institutionalized. If an activity can not be defined by any of the following components, then it can not be considered sport. So, is breakdancing really play or is it more of a spectacle/entertainment? If more the latter, it cannot be considered a sport.

Featured image: Qualification for breakdancing’s debut at Buenos Aires 2018 (Little Shao/WDSF)


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