Canada has recently made an important investment to the female sporting world. Canada has announced that they will be allocating three million dollars to initiatives that support women in sport. The funding will be given to the Canadian Association for the Advancement of Women and Sport and Physical Activity (CAAWS) over the next four years to support and increase participation of women in sport.

Featured Image: Canadian Female 7’s Rugby team which will be one of the programs receiving funding.

CAAWS has stated that the aim of the funds is to increase opportunities and leadership in sport for women athletes. They will also specifically be helping to fund and develop national sport organizations customized to initiate gender equity action plans.

It is no mystery to anyone that sport has been historically dominated by masculinity. Masculinity is celebrated in sport whereas women’s participation in sport has been constrained by the frailty myth which supports the notion that women are incompatible with sport. This unequal bias has been occurring in sport for as long as its history and continues to hinder the development of women in athletics to this day.

Canada’s government has made a large, promising advancement in narrowing this gender equity gap within sport. Though it is admirable and without a doubt a good start, there is still a significant amount of progression that needs to occur before we reach gender equity within the sporting world.