“If they think your dreams are crazy, show them what crazy dreams can do.”

Gender roles within sport have been an ongoing issue since women started competing. Women are often seen as the weaker sex with lower athletic ability compared to men. In today’s society, women are becoming more and more respected within the sports field and getting more media attention.

Recently, Nike released an ad featuring Serena Williams, Caster Semenya and other female athletes. The ad, “Dream Crazier,” highlights successful female athletes who have played to the nature of their own self instead of typical stereotypes within their sport. For example, Caster Semenya running and pushing through the backlash of people telling her she is too masculine and continuing to give it her all to become the best version of herself. These female athletes have been faced with many hard challenges and backlash from the media, however, they stayed true to themselves and prove people wrong every day while challenging gender roles.

As gender equality has been increasing , it is still not where it should be. This advertisement is only a part of a bigger conversation calling for more gender equality.

Dream Crazier advertisement from Nike.


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