Violence in Minor League Sports

Violence in sports normally refers to violent and sometimes unnecessarily harmful intentional physical acts committed during a sports game or against another living being, normally related to contact sports. Violence in youth leagues is very dangerous and closely monitored by those in charge. In sports such as ice hockey, once the child enters the age group of midget, where checking is allowed and encouraged, violence in the sport becomes much more dangerous for the youth involved.

Within the conversation of violence in youth sports, it must also be mentioned that there are many forms of this violence. Some of the forms of violence in sports include hazing, brawling, and foul play. One would describe hazing as a humiliating or dangerous activity expected of a player to join a group. Brawling is described as fighting in a violent and noisy way, while foul play is described as an unfair play in a sport.

Many adults believe that violence in youth sports should be stopped or made so that it incurs a greater punishment. Adults are making this argument due to the fact that if violence continues to happen in youth sports, such as checking, then the injuries being sustained by players will continue to become worse with potentially life-long consequences.


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