Sports Media Company Geared Towards Women

Sport has the ability to target many individuals, whether it be through aspiring athletes or those who are avid fans of sports, it has the ability to strengthen the relationships between groups of individuals. However, the reality is that the current sport discourse is not targeting 50 percent of the world population: women.

The foundation of feminist critique of sport stems from the notion that physical and biological differences exhibited in the sport context interferes with social and cultural interpretations of gender role expectations. This has led to sport being a sexist institution, as well as being seen as a male-dominated area. It is for this reason why sports should be discussed in relation to the media and women because of the loss of coverage they receive in their relative sport field.

Three alumni from Queens University noticed just that. Ellen Hyslop, Jacie deHoop, and Roslyn McLarty have noticed that the sport community can be exclusionary and has historically left many women, athletes and avid fans alike, out of the sports conversation.

This led them to create sports content, experiences and communities that are not only for women, but also created by women. They created The GIST, in light of women being undeserved by the sports industry today. This is a newsletter that releases major events twice-a-week that occur in sport. This site incorporates many sections in which help to explain the rules of eight major sports, and how the professional leagues are run.

For future directions, The GIST is looking to develop connections in the sports industry. Going forward, they want to create more audio and video content to allow more ways to connect to their growing audience. Finally, they also look to expanding to different cities and allowing people to understand what The GIST is all about.

Featured Image: Photo by Ellen Hyslop. Creators of The GIST from left to right, Jacie deHoop, Roslyn McLarty, and Ellen Hyslop.


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