Rajon Rondo: What does Sitting Away From the Team Really Mean?

In the Lakers’ 115-99 loss to the Denver Nuggets, it was captured on camera that one of the team members had distanced themselves from the team bench as they sat in what would typically be fan seats. Rajon Rando, a point guard for the Lakers, was the loner and is now being scrutinized for displaying behaviour associated with non-winning culture. This loss makes it the Lakers’ fourth strait loss as they fall in standings.

LeBron James distancing himself from his team.
FEATURED IMAGINE: Rajon Rondo caused a stir by sitting with fans.

On other occasions, additional athletes have been capture on camera displaying the same seating arrangements, creating distance between themselves and their teammates.

What does this type of behaviour exhibit, especially when the team is struggling to win games and contend for the playoffs?

Sport is known as an activity that builds character; however, when facing adversity, sport may function as something that works at breaking down character. With the Lakers’ high number of losses and a potential season without the playoffs they are a team who is struggling to maintain a winning culture. Are these acts of distancing based on bad team behaviour or are the players just trying to cope with their own frustrations individually before returning to the team?


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